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1600 - 1900 VOLUME 1


60'sAD Romans Conquest of Carmarthenshire

297AD Battle of Loughor, where the Romans were slain

600AD About this period lived St Elli. To whom LLanelli church is supposedly dedicated

1066 Pembrey parish church consecrated

1356 Charter of Kidwelly granted

1457 27th Jan Henry VII born in Pembroke Castle

1509 21st April Death of Henry VII ages 52

1540 Coal Mining commenced in Trimsaran area Shortly after in Pinged

1560 Court Farm Pembrey Probably built

1574 This date is engraved on the old chalice at LLanelli Church

1586 The earliest Parish Registers of Kidwelly date from this year

1653 The Plague of LLanelli

1659 John Vaughan of LLanelli, High Sheriff

1660 John LLoyd of LLangenech M.P. for Carmarthenshire

1663 Thomas Rice, Vicar of LLanelli

1679 LLanon Parish Registers commence

1681 Kidwelly Church spire struck by lightening

1683 LLanelli Church probably restored at this time

1684 LLanelli Parish registers start from this time

1700 Small brewhouse started on what is now Buckleys Brewery

1701 Gwdig house rebuilt or restored

1703 26 & 27 nov The Great Storm (Greatest storm recorded in this country)

1714 LLanelli House Built

1723 from this date there are no entries in the parish registers of LLanelli until 1735

1737 Lower Kidwelly Tinplate Works Founded

1764 John Wesley crossed sands from Kidwelly to Gower

1766 Dock constructed at Kidwelly

1766 Kymers canal built in Kidwelly ( first canal in Wales)

1768 John Wesley paid the first of six preaching visits to LLanelli

1769 Fifteen deaths from smallpox in LLanelli, mostly infants

1770 Achddu Mill Built

1774 Two adult deaths from smallpox reported

1780 First Independent Chapel - Capel Als - established in LLanelli

1784 Wern Ironfoundry established by Yalden

1784 Thomas Kymer (Kidwelly) dies 54

1785 Capel Sul (Kidwelly) formed - Independent

1788 20 September William Emanuel (Will Manny) of Pembrey Hanged at Pensarn for Murder

1793 Wind Street Wesleyan Chapel built

1795 Less than 500 people living in LLanelli

1797 Eleven Coal pits mentioned in LLanelli at this time

1801 Population of Pembrey parish 1455

1801 Population of LLanelli Parish 2,972

1801 Population of Wales 541,546

1802 Waddles Engineering works & Foundry established at what is now called New Dock

1804 'The Cambrian' first newspaper in Wales, Established in Swansea

1805 LLanelli Copper Works founded by Daniel & Co

1805 Gwdig Transformed to a grand home from a farm.

1807 John Wedge' survey of the Burry Estuary published

1809 Floods at LLanelli

1809 Capel Newydd founded

1811 Population of Carmarthenshire 77,217

1811 Population of LLanelly 3891

1811 Population of Pembrey Parish 1528

1811 Population of Wales 611,788

1812 Jerusalem Burry Port built

1812 Kidwelly & LLanelli Tramroad company formed

1814 John Howell's map of LLanelli produced

1817 W Lewis of Park, Pembrey killed by steam-engine

1818 Pembrey harbour Opened

1820 Jolly Sailor public house built in Pembrey

1820 Pembrey House Built

1821 27th november United Friends, the only ship built in Pembrey harbour registered

1821 Population of Carmarthenshire 90,239

1821 Population of Pembrey Parish 1767

1821 Population of LLanelly 5649

1821 Population of Wales 717,438

1822 Capel Zion (baptist) established

1823 Ashburnham Hotel Built

1824 Coasting Pilot probably built in Burry Port

1824 Old Harbour View (Burry Port) built by George Bowser

1824 Pembrey iron Works Built

1825 Falcon Bridge rebuilt

1825 Pembrey Harbour Act

1826 Tramway built from llanelli to Burry Port across marshes, later destroyed by sea

1828 Carmel chapel built

1828 Neice of Empress Josephine drowned off Cefn Sidan (12yrs) buried in Pembrey church

1828 LLanelli Railway & Dock Company incorporated

1828 Upper and Lower Markets opened

1828 Wind Street Weslyan Chapel rebuilt

1828 Caldy lighthouse established

1829 New Road and Hall Street commenced

1830 Cambrian Copper works opened by the Glascot

1830 Zoar (baptist) LLwynhendy built

1831 Population of Wales 806,182

1831 Population of Carmarthenshire 100,740

1831 Population of LLanelly 7646

1831 Population of Pembrey Parish 2645

1831 St Johns Pontyberem rebuilt : Capel Als re-opened after enlargement

1831 Election riots in Carmarthen ; 200 LLanelly colliers sworn as special constables

1832 Cholera at LLanelly : 17 Deaths

1832 LLanelly united to Carmarthen as Parliamentary district

1832 Horeb chapel built

1834 First Loughor bridge opened

1834 First Post Office opened in Pembrey village (originally called Cliff shop)

1834 Gelly Fawr Coal Pit sunk near Pembrey house, Pembrey

1835 29th march Death of George Bowser (Builder of Pembrey Harbour)

1835 Name of Burry Port first used

1835 LLanelly New Dock opened : first floating dock in Wales

1835 Gas Company formed

1837 National Schools established on the Wern : Branch of Breacon Bank opened

1836 01 January Burry Port harbour opens, NINUS first ship to use it (300 tons)

1836 27th September LLanelli town first illuminated with gaslight

1836 Old Harbour View became a public House

1837 01 July Kidwelly & LLanelli Canal & Railway Company completed railway from Pembrey to LLanelli

1838 Burry Port Harbour Lighthouse erected (could be seen for nine miles)

1839 Park Street Independent Chapel opened

1839 The Workhouse built in Swansea Road

1840 Burry Port East Dock opened

1840 Pemberton Arms Built

1840 LLanelly Potteries commenced

1840 Heol fawr schools established

1840 Bethel LLanelly (Baptist) Siloah (Independant ) founded

1840 Population of Burry Port 400

1841 Neptune Hotel Burry Port Built

1841 Population of Wales 911,603

1841 Population of Pembrey Parish 2850

1841 Population of LLanelly 11115

1841 Population of Carmarthenshire 106,326

1842 Commissioners Bridge Kidwelly Built

1843 Rebecca Riots : Toll Gates demolished : continued into following year

1844 River LLiedi diverted

1845 Bridge Street widened : South Wales Railway sanctioned

1846 Helwick lightship established

1847 Dafen Tinworks opened

1847 Building of Embankment from LLanelli to Burry Port for railway

1848 'LLanelly Advertiser', established as a monthly, but had only a brief career

1848 Market Street School, and Felinfoel school Built

1849 01 September Cholera spreads to LLanelli killing several people

1849 01 August Cholera makes an appearance in Pontyates, One boy dies

1849 Cambrian Copper Works converted into Lead and Silver Works

1849 Copperworks in Burry Port started, by Mason & Elkington

1850 01 May 27 Miners die at Gwendraith colliery Pontyberem

1850 Box and Old Road Cemeteries founded ; St Pauls Church consecrated

1850 Dafen School erected

1850 1850-1860+ Burrows, Woodbrook & Silver Terraces in Burry Port built

1851 Population of Wales 1,005,721

1851 Population of LLanelly 13663

1851 Population of Pembrey Parish 3310

1851 Population of Carmarthenshire 110,721

1851 Prospect Place School built : First burial at New Churchyard (old Road)

1851 Steam Sawmills started at Machynys by R. Winter

1852 01 December Storms hit LLanelli, Hailstones 2" in girth were measured

1852 21st August South Wales Railway opened through Pembrey Parish to Carmarthen

1852 Morfa Tinworks established

1853 01 October The Telegraph service is made available in LLanelli

1853 Silver works Built in Burry Port

1853 Old Lodge Works opened

1853 Trebeddod Reservoir commenced

1854 Wern and Seaside first lit by Gas

1854 01 January Typhus Fever in LLanelli, several die

1854 Burry Port Reading Room established

1854 First Whitford lighthouse built - on piles

1856 01 June LLanelli Eisteddfod took place

1856 01 January Opening of Wesley chapel LLanelli

1856 Tabernacle (Burry Port) Chapel Built

1857 The Athenaeum erected : portion of LLanelly House turned into Drapery establishment

1857 20th January LLanelli and LLandeilo railway opened

1857 'LLanelly Telegraph newspaper established and continued for some years

1857 James Evans killed during erection of Greenfield Chapel

1857 Public Baths opened in Market Street

1858 01 November Cae Colliery, Marble Hall near LLanelli, ten Men Die

1858 01 June Smallpox takes three lives in LLanelli

1858 01 January LLanelli Athenaeum opened

1858 Hermon Pembrey built

1858 Holy Trinity Felinfoel erected : Greenfield (English Baptist) & Trinity (c.m) opened

1858 St Mary's Roman Catholic Church built

1859 Flood in LLiedi

1860 The Scouring Reservoir begun

1861 16 Public Houses in Burry Port

1861 Bethany Chapel built

1861 Population of Wales 1,111,780

1861 Population of LLanelly 17279

1861 Population of Pembrey Parish 4145

1861 Population of Carmarthenshire 111,796

1862 Marshfield Works opened

1863 'LLanelly Guardian' Weekly Newspaper founded

1863 01 October Earthquake shakes LLanelli, Swansea, Pembroke, Cardiff and as far away as Liverpool

1864 29th july William Mainwaring, aged 75, LLanelli's only remaining battle of Waterloo hero dies

1864 Copperworks School , Burry Port built by Mason & Elkington opened 1865

1864 Burry Port Lead works built opened 1865

1864 People's park opened

1865 Present Whitford Point Light House Built

1866 01 August 164 people have died during July and August of Cholera

1866 01 June LLanelli's new market opened

1867 Village Hospital established

1867 Population of LLanelli Approx 17,000

1869 First Cwmlliedi Waterworks opened : St Peters Consecrated

1869 01 June Opening of the Burry Port and Gwendraeth Railway line

1869 23rd June Gwendraeth Valley Railway opened

1869 White Lead Works opened in Burry Port

1870 Small-pox and Scarlet fever epidemic

1870 Bathania Baptist Church formed : LLwnhendy and the Roman Catholic Schools built

1870 English Congregational Chapel built

1870 Goodwins town built (Carway Street, Pemberton Avenue) Burry Port

1870 White lead works started in Burry Port

1871 Population of Wales 1.217.135

1871 Population of Carmarthenshire 115,710

1871 Population of LLanelly 21746

1871 Population of Pembrey Parish 4773

1872 The Brice murder at Bryn

1872 Morewoods Tinplate works established : Moriah Baptist Chapel opened

1872 Railway converted to narrow guage

1873 01 April Of 340 Houses visited in Pembrey 234 did not have toilets

1874 Population of Burry Port 1840

1875 6th july Foundation Stone laid for Burry Port church

1875 First Sunday school held in Burry Port on Easter Day

1876 Present LLanelly Railway Station built

1877 Kidwelly Town Hall built

1877 9th december Burry Port church dedicated

1877 Jubilee house built (Josephs) in Burry Port

1877 Lead Works Closed

1878 01 September LLanelly new reservoir opened (swiss valley)

1878 Pembrey harbour, Designated unused

1879 Upper Kidwelly Tinplate Works Founded

1881 01 October Top of the spire at Burry Port Church Blown down during Hurricane

1881 22nd December BURIAL OF 'WILLIAM McKIERNON' at Pembrey, builder of Neville dock, Commissioners Bridge.

1881 The Mazey murder at Kidwelly

1881 Pembrey Explosive Works Opened

1881 Population of Wales 1,360,305

1881 Population of Carmarthenshire 124,864

1881 Population of LLanelly 27779

1881 Population of Pembrey Parish 5663

1882 01 August LLanelli Tramway opening

1882 17th november Seven People Killed, 4 Females, 3 Males in explosion at Pembrey dynamite Works

1883 01 May General Booth founder of the Salvation Army visits LLanelli

1883 'UP' Irish Express wrecked at Kidwelly, incredible escape of passengers

1884 01 October Laying of Foundation Stone for LLanelli Hospital

1884 01 February Twenty feet of St. Mary's church spire demolished by lightening

1885 LLanelly Post Office removed to Cowell Street

1885 Liberal club opened

1885 LLanelly New Hospital opened

1887 T Davies tinworks messenger robbed and murdered near Dafen by David Rees

1887 Howells timber yard destroyed by fire

1887 Lifeboat moved from Pembrey to Burry Port, Lifeboat House and Slipway built.

1888 Western Tinplate Works established

1888 The Hall in the Market Place built

1889 01 June Opening of Bandstand in Peoples Park LLanelli

1889 01 January Burry Port Reading Rooms opened

1889 Turnpikes abolished

1889 8th January First ship sails from Burry Port West Dock

1890 01 January Gales & Tides wash away the railway embankment between LLanelli and Burry Port

1890 Old Lodge and Ashburnham Tinplate Works Started

1891 Higher Grade School opened

1891 'LLanelly Mercury' Weekly newspaper established

1891 CENSUS Sarah Thomas of 4 Pencoed was 102yrs old, born in 1789

1891 Population of Wales 1,519,035

1891 Population of Carmarthenshire 130,566

1891 Population of LLanelly 32034

1891 Population of Pembrey Parish 6448

1893 Riots in Tumble

1893 New custom House erected

1893 Royalty Theatre LLanelly opened

1893 01 January 17 Degrees of frost recorded at LLanelli

1894 Ashburnham Golf Club Inaugurated

1894 Burry Port Parish hall Opened

1894 LLanelli Market Pavilion Built

1895 01 October Elizabeth Morris aged 104yrs died, born 1791

1895 National Eisteddfoed held at LLanelly

1896 01 August LLoyd George Visits LLanelli

1896 01 April New Town Hall Opened

1896 Lower Kidwelly Tinplate Works closed

1897 Free Library's act adopted

1899 01 June Cockett Tunnel Collapses

1901 01 November Burry Port Policeman, P.C.Gunter killed in Birmingham

1901 Population of Wales 1,714,800

1901 Population of Carmarthenshire 135,328

1903 01 July Buffalo Bill Entertains in LLanelli

1903 3rd may Burry Port Church consecrated

1903 Second National Eisteddfod at LLanelli

1904 01 October Five people die in Loughor train disaster

1907 01 September Royal Exchange in Market Street, LLanelli burnt down

1907 01 February Colliery disaster at Trimsaran, six die, five injured

1908 17th october Scarlets beat the Australians at Stradey 8pts to 3

1908 Co-operative Society House built in Burry Port

1911 01 March Y.M.C.A Building opened in Stepney Street

1911 31st July 4 colliers killed at crown colliery Pwll

1911 1st January LLanelli receives first electricity supply

1911 19th August LLanelli Railway Riots, 2 killed by soldiers

1911 17th August LLanelli Railwaymen begin strike

1911 General Post office opens in Llanelli

1911 LLanelli Cinema Built

1911 Palace Theatre built on corner of Market Place and Murray Street LLanelli

1911 Population of Wales 2,025,202

1911 Population of Carmarthenshire 160,406

1911 population of LLanelli 31,953

1912 01 April Stepney House, Stepney Street, LLanelli, Burnt down

1912 Park Howard bowling greens opened

1912 restoration of St.Illtyds church Pembrey

1917 01 September Victoria Cross Awarded to Ivor Rees of Pwll, first LLanelli man to be awarded the V.C.

1917 Garden Suburbs Burry Port Probably built

1918 01 October Influenza Epidemic kills more than 20 in LLanelli area

1919 Electricity first used in Burry Port dock area

1921 Population of Wales 2,127,059

1921 Population of Carmarthenshire 175,377

1922 01 September Steboneath football ground opened in LLanelli

1922 01 March Two men killed ,and six injured at Pembrey factory

1922 15 August Ashburnham Estate Sale, Held at Parish Hall Burry Port

1922 Ashburnham Golf Club buy the links at Pembrey for £3,750

1923 01 December LLanelli Pottery closes, situated at junction of Murray street and Pottery Street

1923 01 May Ten men die at Trimsaran mine disaster

1924 Ashburnham Golf Club Opened (building)

1928 01 April Mrs Margaret Morse, Burry Port's oldest resident dies aged 98

1928 June 28th Amelia Earhart lands in Burry Port, rowed ashore Captain Fisher & David Harvey Thomas

1929 Regal cinema Built in LLanelli

1930 National Eisteddfod at LLanelli

1931 01 July Royal Welsh Show at Stradey

1931 Gwscwm Road from Rock House to Jerusalem Burry Port Widened

1931 Population of Wales 2,472,377

1931 Population of Carmarthenshire 171,445

1934 01 January Mrs Hannah Maria Bevan, Burry Villa, Burry Port dies age 92

1936 Burry Port Post Office moves from New Street to Station Road (present Position)

1937 July 31st Gardens in Memorial Square opened

1938 01 May Odeon Cinema LLanelli Built

1938 Upper Kidwelly Tinplate Works Closed

1939 3rd September Second World War started

1940 01 March Meat rationing in Carmarthenshire

1941 Population of Wales 1,910,980

1941 Population of Carmarthenshire 162,670

1943 The Last vessel Loaded in Burry Port habour

1946 01 July Bread rationed

1948 01 April Market Street School LLanelli, 100yrs old

1948 Burry port park and bowling greens opened

1950 01 April First Television Pictures received at LLanelli, Mr Les John, first T.V Licence Holder in LLanelli

1951 Population of Wales 2,472,429

1951 Population of Carmarthenshire 164,681

1953 28 June Carmarthen bay Power Station opened

1953 Ashburnham Tinplate Works closed

1954 27th August Burry Port Power Station goes on line

1960 01 August Regal Cinema LLanelli closes

1961 Population of Wales 2,518,711

1961 Population of Carmarthenshire 161,099

1962 01 October New Police Station opens in LLanelli

1962 01 January Fishers and Ludlow Ltd opens in felinfoel

1964 01 February Two boys killed when tree falls on them in Penyfan LLanelli

1965 Pembrey R.O.F. Closed

1966 01 January LLanelli spelt with an 'i' instead of a 'y'

1966 Brian Trubshaw from the links, Pembrey to be Chief test pilot for Concorde

1967 17 January Scarlets beat the Australians at Stradey 11pts to nil

1967 'Morris the Realm' LLanelli's largest department store closes

1968 01 December LLanelli's oldest inhabitant dies at 105yrs, Mrs Sarah Jenkins, Havard road, LLanelli

1969 Road widening at Pembrey Church

1969/71 Victory of the SOS campaign fight of 1969-71

1971 01 April Six men die at Cynheidre colliery

1971 Population of Wales 2,262,247

1971 Population of Dyfed 318,245 (boundery Changes)

1972 31 October Scarlets beat the All Blacks 9pts to 3

1976 Pembrey 'OLD' Harbour lighthouse demolished

1977 07 May Burry Port Yacht Club launched

1980 01 August Opening of Pembrey country park

1981 01 January Grounds of Carmarthen bay power Station for experimental windmills

1981 Population of Wales 2,225,351

1981 Population of Dyfed 311,351

1982 01 August Albert Richards murdered by Mark Smith At Burry Port harbour

1982 01 March Ty Elwyn opens in LLanelli

1982 August 29th Pembrey Inn Opened (renamed from Commercial Arms)(Landlord Peter Hallett)

1983 01 January Rugby Maestro Carwyn James dies

1983 Closure of Gwendraeth valley Railway

1991 Last Stack of Carmarthen Bay Power Station demolished

1993 01 January Burry Port Infants School Elkington Park Opened

1993 Demolition of Top End of Murray Street to make way for new town Complex

This Chronology is but just touching upon the incidents which have happened over the years, I do not pretend to know everything that has happened, above is just a small amount of the People and incidents which have happened in our towns and villages.
 [RJ 1993]